Strategy and Core Values

Because everyone is different, and is in a different situation or a different phase of their life, we use a variety of brand propositions to connect with people. We are close to the customer and give matters a human scale. Our aim is for our brands to become the most customer-friendly insurers in the Netherlands.

Our Strategy

Our multi-brand strategy is designed to provide our customers with the best possible service. Consumers are able to decide which service and which brand is best suited to them. This requires that the brands have a distinct position in the customer segments in which they are active. This means making clear choices with regard to the form of distribution, service concept, range, theme or potential partnerships, and constantly providing friendly, accessible services that seek to forge lasting relationships. Our aim is to ensure that customer relationships are sustained through the brands in the future.

Working together

VIVAT provides supports for the brands while they focus on providing customers with the best possible service. Working together leads to efficiency and economies of scale. VIVAT promotes the collective interests of the brands, provides support where possible and serves as a discussion partner for regulators and shareholders.

Our Core Value

Our core value reflects the kind of behaviour we should exhibit. This behaviour forms the basis of the actions of all employees. It determines to a great extent the level of trust that stakeholders have in us. The customer comes first. We call on all employees to connect in a very conscious way with our customers, with each other, with our results and with the society we form part of.