Everyone wants to make their own choices. This requires an insurer that responds optimally to the wishes of the customer. Through our brands, VIVAT offers high-quality financial products and services that meet the different needs in our customers' lives.

Customer needs and market developments are subject to continuous change. Therefore, we are constantly working on an appropriate range of products and services that are designed to be simple and easy to understand, transparent, priced and offered on fair terms.


Through cooperation with various strategic partners, VIVAT provides support for its brands while they focus on providing customers with the best possible service. Working together leads to efficiency and economies of scale. VIVAT promotes the collective interests of its brands, provides support where possible and represents all of its stakeholders, namely regulators and shareholders.

Sustainable Growth

In the interest of our customers and our employees, we work together for sustainable growth and solid financial results for our company. An important focus is on applying innovative technologies, with which we save costs and increase our efficiency. This way we keep the premiums affordable for our customers.

We invest the assets that we manage for our clients responsibly to create value for the long term.