All of VIVAT’s brands focus on the customer. However, there is no such thing as a standard customer. Everyone is different, and everyone makes decisions for themselves. Everyone is equal, but they are certainly not all the same. VIVAT offers targeted approaches for various customer groups that suit different needs. Although our brands and products vary widely on paper, they are all based on the same guiding principle of providing our customers with support in the form of fair, transparent, sustainable products and services in every phase of their life.


The name 'VIVAT' is derived from the Latin verb ‘vivere’ (to live), and it encapsulates what our work is all about; our customers’ lives. Everyone is in a different situation or a different phase of their life. We live in a diverse society, and customers are looking for services that are specifically targeted to them. This calls for a flexible approach in a rapidly changing market. Bringing together different brands means VIVAT enjoys economies of scale, allowing customers to benefit from our efficiency, soundness and reliability.

Simple products

Rather than seeking uniformity, customers are looking for products that meet their individual wishes and needs. VIVAT has translated this vision into a variety of brands. Being close to our customers and their world enables us to respond more quickly and effectively to specific needs. This is reflected in simple products that are easy-to-understand. These products are open and accessible, with no small print, and are designed to enable us to build lasting relationships. We act fairly and with integrity, we are easy-to-understand, and we honour our agreements.