ACTIAM manages the assets of insurers Reaal and Zwitserleven as well as those of ASN Bank. It has also provided professional asset management services for external customers and investors in ACTIAM’s funds for many years. The total amount of assets under management exceeds EUR 51.4 billion. The starting point for ACTIAM is a transparent, sustainable investment approach.


Corporate Responsibility

ACTIAM occupies a leading position in responsible asset management. Responsible investment has been introduced throughout all investment categories. The investment policy is underpinned by carefully formulated fundamental investment principles. These principles are based on international treaties, conventions and best practices, and relate to matters such as human rights, labour rights, corruption, serious harm to the environment and controversial weapons. ACTIAM has chosen to invest responsibly, without making concessions in the area of financial returns.

Sustainable management of water

Sustainable Solutions

ACTIAM helps customers to achieve their investment objectives. In doing so, it does more than simply offer products. ACTIAM works with the customer and offers sustainable solutions. It provides customised services, in which process ACTIAM also handles clerical matters in addition to asset management. This is how ACTIAM creates value for its customers, for the organisations in which it invests and for society.

Delegated Asset Manager

As a subsidiary of VIVAT, ACTIAM manages all investments and carries out the work as primary delegated asset manager of VIVAT's insurance companies and takes care of all necessary assessments in accordance with the company's Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) policy.