Route Mobiel

The Route Mobiel roadside assistance service operates in the Netherlands and 43 other countries. The company has an extensive network of expert assistance providers, with over 180 bases across the Netherlands. Route Mobiel aims to arrive within 30 minutes, and it succeeds in doing so in almost 90% of all cases.

route mobiel


The launch of Route Mobiel in 2004 marked a break with tradition in the form of road assistance services that were offered in an innovative, efficient manner. In 2006, the young business became part of SNS REAAL. The roadside assistance service is provided by SOS International. Route Mobiel has shown the Netherlands that it's possible to provide low-cost road side assistance. Route Mobiel has managed to eliminate unneccesary costs and maintain the quality standards.

Highly appreciated

In addition to providing a roadside assistance service for private individuals, Route Mobiel also offers roadside assistance to businesses. In addition, Route Mobiel has found a partner in the automotive industry in 2013: Stichting Vakgarage. Customers give Route Mobiel an average score of 8.3. Moreover, 95% would recommend Route Mobiel to others.