Zwitserleven was established in 1901 as the Dutch arm of the Swiss insurance company Schweizerische Lebensversicherungs- und Renteanstalt (‘Swiss Life’). It was acquired by SNS REAAL in April 2008, and it has been part of VIVAT since 2014. The ‘Zwitserleven Gevoel’ slogan ‘Care-free Zwitserleven Feeling’) has become so commonplace that it has even been included in the Dutch dictionary.

Thinking Ahead

Zwitserleven wants to help everyone become more financially aware. Thinking ahead is a crucial aspect of this. In line with its motto ‘the benefit of thinking ahead’, Zwitserleven offers customers a varied package of products and services. Customers can use Zwitserleven products in the manner of their choosing in order to build up an adequate pension. Customers can, for instance, adjust their pension to suit the way they want to live in the future.


‘Het Zwitserleven Gevoel’

Zwitserleven is a leading company in the field of responsible and sustainable investing (VBD, 2012-2015). Zwitserleven wants people to take pleasure from planning for the future. This is reflected in the slogan ‘Het Zwitserleven Gevoel’ (The Care-free Zwitserleven Feeling): resting assured now that matters have been properly arranged, and that they will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement in the future. Going forward, people will arrange more matters for themselves. For this reason, besides offering pension products, Zwitserleven now also offers three savings products: InternetSparen, MaandSparen and DepositoSparen. These are simple online savings accounts for saving for the immediate or more distant future.