Corporate Social Responsibility

At VIVAT we see it as our task to create value in the long term. For our customers and for the world around us. That is why corporate responsibility is not only an integral part of the business strategy, it is the guiding principle in everything we do.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an insurer, VIVAT plays an important role in taking care of the future income provisions of our clients. The choices we make each day have far-reaching influence on the world of tomorrow.

Responsible Investment Policy

The urgent social developments, such as climate change, deforestation, water scarcity and the fair distribution of labour, impose increasing demands on companies. VIVAT wants to actively contribute to solutions for these societal challenges.

Responsible Tax Policy

In line with our code of conduct and in compliance with applicable tax legislation in the countries where we operate, VIVAT acts as a responsible taxpayer. VIVAT ensures that the tax return is complete, timely and accurate and that taxes are paid in connection with its business activities.

Acceptance Policy

VIVAT has taken fundamental steps in entering into business relationships with pension clients. Business partners who want to purchase their pension from VIVAT are tested on the basis of a comprehensive list of sustainability criteria (ESG points).


We want to create a safe working environment within VIVAT. This means that within our company there is no room for unwanted behavior such as discrimination, abuse of power or sexual harassment.

Remuneration Policy

The primary objective of VIVAT's remuneration policy is to enable VIVAT to recruit, retain and motivate employees and to stimulate high performance.


The coherence of our CSR policy is shown in the Connectivity table.


VIVAT faces challenges in various areas: Climate Change, making the Equity Portfolio More Sustainable and Inclusiveness.