VIVAT sees challenges in various areas:

Climate Change

The effects of climate change can have an influence on VIVAT's operations and solvency. To keep costs manageable, we face the challenge of preventing the increasing chance of weather-related damage to products and resources for (business) customers with preventive measures. Therefore, SDG 13 - aiming to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts - will also be integrated in our strategic objectives.

Making the Equity Portfolio More Sustainable

Zwitserleven strives for its pension clients towards a carefree future in a world that matters. Therefore, 20% of the equity portfolio in the unit-linked pension portfolio is invested in a new impact fund set up by ACTIAM. This fund specifically invests in a number of SDGs. With this investment more than € 300 Mio. involved. On the remaining 80%, a sustainable policy will be introduced in 2019.


VIVAT wants to contribute to gender equality (SDG 5) and to reduce inequality (SDG 10) by integrating these themes into the chosen theme ‘Good employment practices’ (SDG 8). More on our current policy >