Corporate Social Responsibility

At VIVAT we see it as our task to create value in the long term. For our customers and for the world around us. That is why corporate responsibility is not only an integral part of the business strategy, it is the guiding principle in everything we do.

As an insurer, VIVAT plays an important role in the lives of our customers. We take care of their future income provisions and the protection of their property. We make important choices every day. Because the choices we make now have far-reaching influence on the world of tomorrow. In fact, with the assets we manage on behalf of our clients, we can and want to exercise our influence on that world. In the interests of our customers and those of their children, in the interests of our neighbours, of ourselves and of all those others we do not know.

Strategic spearheads

To do this as well as possible, we have chosen a number of strategic spearheads. We are in line with the global sustainable development agenda of the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And we constantly listen to customers, partners, suppliers and other social parties, in order to align our strategy with the wishes and expectations of our most important stakeholders. With this feedback and the SDGs, VIVAT has formulated the following strategic spearheads:

Logo Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 8: Efficient and Sustainable Business Operations

SDG 8VIVAT wants to limit the impact of our own business operations. That is why we take climate-neutral and circular measures in the areas of housing, mobility, energy and waste. In the partnership with suppliers and partners, we are increasingly looking for companies that share the same objectives. We cannot do this without vital employees, who are flexible, employable and forward-looking.

SDG 12: Sustainable Customer Relations

SDG 12VIVAT and its brands are not interested in earning fast money. We enter into a relationship with customers and intermediaries for the long term. We do this by developing simple and honest products that can be understood by everyone. Open, accessible and without small print. Hence our vision: VIVAT makes your financial choices easy. Increasingly, VIVAT is actively seeking contact with customers to help them take preventive measures to prevent damage. 

SDG 13: Climate Action

SDG 13Climate change is a major threat to our planet and all the people and animals living on it. VIVAT strives to halt climate change. We include the risks associated with climate change in the development of products and services and where possible VIVAT actively contributes. We do this by, among other things, limiting the impact of our own actions and by offering our products and services in a climate-neutral and circular manner.