Inclusiveness: Discrimination, equal treatment and diversity

We want to create a safe working environment within VIVAT. This means that within our company there is no room for unwanted behavior such as discrimination, abuse of power or sexual harassment. You can read more about this in our code of conduct and in our annual report. Equality is also central to customers: customer acceptance is not judged on gender and we use gender-neutral rates. VIVAT does not judge by gender, age, orientation or ethnicity, not among customers and not among employees.

VIVAT also wants its workforce to reflect society. We strive for a good balance between male and female competences based on our diversity guidelines for recruitment and career planning. In our policy, we aim for at least 40% female or male within VIVAT, EB and senior management.

Functions are scaled at a certain level in the function building. This scale is achieved by providing extensive job descriptions to an independent party that values ​​the job at a certain level. Employees with the same job result in the same job scale with the same upper and lower limits. With regard to diversity, VIVAT recruits gender-neutral for senior positions and management positions. Women have as many opportunities as men. VIVAT recruits gender-neutral for EB positions. At the moment we do not meet 40% participation in the management.