Responsible Investment Policy

The urgent social developments, such as climate change, deforestation, water scarcity and the fair distribution of labour, impose increasing demands on companies. VIVAT wants to actively contribute to solutions for these societal challenges. This is reflected, among other things, in our responsible investment policy and the active role we play as a fund manager during shareholders' meetings of the companies in which these funds invest.

How we create value

The activities and processes with which we offer life and non-life insurance products are called our value chain. We have various roles in this chain. We are not only an employer, but also a cooperation partner, customer and investor. On the one hand, our value creation model shows which sources we use to realise our strategic objectives. Think of financial resources, products developed by us, intellectual input, human and natural resources. On the other hand, it shows the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we add to the world with our core activities.

VIVAT Value Creation Model

How we translate strategies into actions and objectives

In addition to a mission and vision, we also formulated a separate CSR statement: VIVAT ensures long-term value creation. VIVAT has chosen to use four SDGs as a guideline for further development of the CSR policy in business operations. These objectives are relevant and appropriate within the context of our mission and our CSR statement. These, combined with the challenges that we have identified in the VIVAT Annual Report 2019, are shown in the following visual elaboration:



VIVAT sees it as a moral duty to support the transition to a sustainable society. We invest the assets of our customers and policyholders in companies and countries that operate within the zone of the Sustainability Framework. In this way we encourage companies and countries to prepare themselves for new challenges that they face. VIVAT tries to pave the way for a sustainable society, while generating long-term financial returns for our customers and for the assets that we manage ourselves.

Acceptance Policy

VIVAT has taken fundamental steps in entering into business relationships with pension clients. Business partners who want to purchase their pension from VIVAT are tested on the basis of a comprehensive list of sustainability criteria (ESG points). The outcome is decisive for concluding and / or extending performance contracts. To keep the execution controlled and careful, we will implement this policy step-by-step. After evaluating the acceptance policy within pensions, we will extend this acceptance policy to the non-life insurance policies of VIVAT.

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Impact Investing

VIVAT offers capital and know-how through to structure scalable investments through small initiatives. We monitor progress, measure impact, report on it and ensure the robustness of the process. VIVAT in the professional development of the sector.

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Active Shareholding

With the assets we manage for our customers, VIVAT can make a difference. With this conviction, we want to offer solutions to societal challenges, such as climate change, in addition to financial returns. In line with the Fundamental Investment Principles (FIP), we use various means:

  • Exerting influence as a shareholder (engagement and voting).
  • Integrating sustainability factors into investment decisions and rewarding front runners.
  • Excluding certain entities from investments.
  • Collaborating with other investors and organisations.