structuur Athora-VIVAT

The legal structure of VIVAT NV as of 1 April 2020, together with the most important companies, is shown in the diagram below. These companies are wholly owned subsidiaries.

Supervisory Board

VIVAT NV has five Supervisory Board members who also form the Supervisory Board of SRLEV NV and Proteq Levensverzekeringen NV.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of VIVAT NV will focus on managing strategic changes at VIVAT and its brands and improving and monitoring the financial performance and risk profile of VIVAT at a consolidated level.


To VIVAT, compliance means observing internal and external rules and standards. The compliance department monitors risks associated with them as well as the management of these risks.

Risk Management

Taking risks is an integral part of doing business and demands a consistent and transparent assessment of opportunities and threats, aimed at growth and continuity of the company.


Athora Netherlands Holding Ltd. is the sole shareholder of the holding company, VIVAT NV, since April 2020.

Auditor and actuary

The external auditor of VIVAT is EY. It audits our consolidated financial statements and the statutory financial statements of our subsidiaries.