Beleggingen VIVAT voor eigen rekening

Hieronder is een overzicht van alle beleggingen voor eigen rekening van VIVAT.

NACE Code NACE Name Market Value per 30/9/2019
B Mining and quarrying 0,5658%
C Manufacturing 4,1144%
D Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 1,5322%
E Water supply, sewerage, waste management 0,1210%
F Construction 0,1183%
G Wholesale retail trade, repair of motor vehicles/c 0,4523%
H Transporting and storage 0,7970%
I Accommodation and food service activities 0,1838%
J Information and communication 1,7789%
K Financial and insurance activities 26,8572%
L Real estate activities 4,0320%
M Professional, scientific and technical activities 0,2324%
N Administrative and support service activities 0,1422%
O Public administration and social security 58,6413%
P Education 0,0053%
Q Human health and social work activities 0,4237%
R Arts, entertainment and recreation 0,0010%
T Activities of households as employers 0,0012%